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About Us

A dream to make the best trip to Mountain of Iran is possible.  IRMTravel  commenced its operation in the field of mountain tours as a complementary activity.  In fact, we have concentrated on the mountains of Iran where we know this part of the country . We know that the first principle in successful management is the constancy at promotion of quality.

programming and transforming are the first step of active management. It is very important that before transformations can manage us , we can manage them. In this direction we not only the best and most experienced present experts of our country for giving service but also we try to promote as desirable world level in our work horizons. On this way criticisms, opinions and purposes of clients will help us and trying to make them satisfied is our important objective.

we are Committed to the Mountain Environment so we try to observance some moral roles in the mountain. Iran Mountain Travel provides everything necessary for your travel in the Mountain of Iran. If you plan to explore ultimate wilderness in the mountains of Iran, which are scattered over such a broad country, you can leave it for us to arrange everything prior to your arrival in Iran. some of them are:  reserving your flights, transferring in Iran, providing necessary camping equipment and most importantly leading you in the mountains, we do it all. Just contact us! Our professional guides are among Instructors who know most part of the mountainous regions of Iran. In fact, getting familiar with all parts of this broad mountainous land is a huge and time-consuming task, which no one can, truly claims. We will organize you to visit a destination with the most qualified guide in our team. Iran Mountain Travel guides are a team of independent guides so we can lower the expenses in such an amount to make our price a competitive one. So you can use the services from a professional team in a competitive price that can be beaten just by the price of amateurs

manager:  Amin Moein Experienced tour Guide,Rock climbing coach,Ice climbing coach,Mountain biking coach

Full Member of (BMC)

Member of Mountain Protection Commission of UIAA

Manager of Mountain Protection Part of MSFI  

Education resume: -BSc Degree in Environment pollution control – University of Environment Karaj

-MSc Degree in Environment Engineering -Air Pollution- Islamic Azad University of Science and  

Published: Noshaq a different peak , Climbing Dictionary  

Mountaineering resume: Winter climbing – Oshtoran kooh 4200m -Dmavand north face – south face 5671m – Alvand 3650 –

First winter climbing Alamkooh wall 4860m – polish route 1969 – mount Blanc  4810m

Big Walls: – Alamkooh (polish route – Arak route – Kermanshah route- German flank) – Shervin(free solo) – Bisetun wall 1200m – Lajvar wall 300m – New route on Tezerjan wall -New route on Vastun wall – North Sabalan glacier – Siah sang peak- Alam kooh area (free solo)  

Expeditions:Lenin peak 7134m- Pamir – Kyrgyzstan – Noshaq peak 7492m- Hindu Kush – Afghanistan – New route (Prsian Gulf)  on Peak Free Korea – Kyrgyzstan – Ak-sai  



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